Lululemon Is Moving Tons of Summer-Ready Apparel to Sale Right Now

lululemon sale june 2022

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When it comes to curating a sale that us guys actually want to shop, Lululemon is one of the best at making it happen. Recently, the legacy performance wear brand added tons of summer-ready apparel to its We Made Too Much sale section. While supplies last, you can shop up to 50% off some of Lululemon’s best-selling styles in shorts, tees, swimwear, and more.

  • Venture Long Sleeve Shirt

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  • Airing Easy Short Sleeve Buttondown

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  • Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve Shirt 2.0

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While there’s a ton of gym wear in this sale, our favorite aspect is the surprising amount of casual pieces you can find. Because Lululemon has some of the best lightweight and breathable fabric blends around, you can pick up sleek garments like the Venture Long Sleeve Shirt (50% off) and ABC Jogger (30% off) and wear them out to your summer dinners without feeling too dressed-down. And if you’re looking for casual clothes with versatility—like pieces you can wear to play golf or to a ball game—you can find several colors on sale in styles like the Airing Easy Short Sleeve Buttondown (27% off) and the City Sweat Short (43% off).

The best deals are the ones you get to first, so make sure to act fast on these new sale styles. Whether you’re looking for new gym gear or everyday apparel, we’ve got you covered on all the latest sale restocks from Lululemon!

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Venture Long Sleeve Shirt

Airing Easy Short Sleeve Buttondown

Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve Shirt 2.0

License to Train Linerless Short 7″

Textured Training Short Sleeve Shirt

License to Train Men’s Hat

Textured Training Tank Top

Relaxed-Fit Training Short Sleeve Shirt

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